Research & Development

Every year, Fives Celes invests 10% of its annual turnover in research and development – innovation is the company's priority.

The company began in 1967 when induction heating technology was booming. Since then, it has endlessly striven to develop innovations that meet the latest industrial requirements in every sector where productivity and agile equipment are wholly dependent on the speed, precision and efficiency of induction.

A dedicated team achieves these goals with advanced skills in electromagnetics, electricity and cooling. It works tirelessly to improve existing equipment and develop new technologies and approaches.

These developments preempt what our industrial partners need in the future and Fives offers them solutions that provide flexibility and productivity as well as cost-effective equipment that can develop new processes and achieve high performance standards.

The R&D department routinely works with educational and research institutions as well as the R&D centers at major industrial contracting companies and electrical utilities like Arcelormittal and EDF. These working relationships have resulted in products distinguished for their energy performance and specially designed for the industrial environment, such as CELES CELINE (Compact ELectric INduction Equipment) and CELES EcoTransFluxTM, two prime examples of operational excellence.

CELES EcoTransFlux


In 2009, Fives launched the CELES EcoTransFluxTM project, a groundbreaking transverse flux induction heating technology that can be used as an alternative to conventional steel strip heating processes relying on natural gas as a primary energy source.  The CELES EcoTransFluxTM project also paved the way for new thermal treatment processes mainly intended to produce new grades of steel with increased mechanical properties, lower production costs and polluting emissions, and higher productivity and economic performance.

The project received funding from the European Commission's Life+ Program, which co-finances projects that reduce the environmental footprint.



The CELES CELINE technology is a very flexible high-flux induction heating solution that can heat up long parts (i.e. bridge widths, rails and tubes) and flat parts (i.e. slabs) in an extremely wide range of materials (carbon/stainless/custom steel, copper, aluminum, etc.).

It is 20-30% more energy efficient than a conventional induction system and requires very little maintenance.

ISIS Project

From 2009 to 2013, Fives Celes was part of the ISIS Project (Innovative Solutions for Induction Systems) sponsored by the French national research agency (ANR) and coordinated by EDF, in partnership with CNRS-SIMAP, INPT-LAPLACE,  ATYS Consultants, ARMINES-CEP and CNRS-CRISMAT.

The project was designed to improve electrothermal conversion performance in induction heating equipment by experimenting on the installation's components, from both the conversion and energy recovery perspectives. 

As part of the project, Fives developed a generator that used a flexible multi-coil feed designed to heat parts in multi-zone mode. Alongside this, Fives developed the patented multi-strand "low-loss" conductor technology for inductor manufacturing designed for high frequency that offers better energy performance than conventional inductors.