Quenching shower

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Douche tube acier inoxydable-FIVES

CELES GD groups supply a constant flow of quenching liquid and maintain an even temperature during operation.

Adjusting the flow of raw water maintains the quenching liquid in the collection tank at a constant temperature, so the consumption of raw water is more tightly controlled when the material is run at a reduced or cyclical load. The main components in a quenching circuit are made of stainless steel to prevent any risks of corrosion and the standard filtration threshold is 35µm.

CELES GDs feature a compact design so they can be installed close to the heating equipment. The groups provide the ideal trade-off between the volume of quenching liquid and height of the gravity filter's return flow (500 mm) matching the working height of the workpiece input machinery. 

The CELES GD quenching group is "process" equipment that is hooked up to:

• A cold source (closed cooling water circuit or the raw water system) to collect and cool the quenching liquid in some heat treatment systems

• Special quenching equipment.

CELES GD groups include:

• A retention/collection tank for quenching liquid

• A flat gravity filter

• Integrated motor-pump

• Water-water exchanger

• Temperature regulation system 

• Heating with an immersion heater

• Electrical box with input isolating switch.

Optional components:

• Quenching liquid measuring scoop

• Various flow gravity filters

• Tank protector (standard unpainted stainless steel)

• Filtering material (various grades of fineness)

• Magnetic separator.

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