Quenching tanks

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CELES BT quenching tanks contain heat treatment systems and offer controlled cooling for hot workpieces to achieve surface or core hardening by dipping in a homogeneous liquid, such as: 

  • Oil
  • Water
  • Water containing additives (PAG or PVP polymers).

Fives has developed high-performance technologies that can accommodate:

  • Custom-built tanks designed for the application and workpiece dimensions in carbon steel or stainless steel, depending on the quenching liquids used
  • Strong agitation: most quenching tanks include propeller pumps and agitation devices sized for the application (select from CELES PIM, CELES PBM and CELES PAM ranges based on the application, included with the tank or sold separately)
  • High-performance bath cooling: baths include one or more submerged exchangers (Celes BRA "Agitator Cooler Block" included with the tank or sold separately) connected to an external cooling water system designed to cool water containing quenching chemicals (scale, additives)
  • Effective filtration: fabric roll or settling filter systems extend the quenching bath's usable lifespan to better protect the environment and optimize operating costs.

CELES BT  quenching tanks can also be equipped with the following accessories:

  • Parts handling (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical)
  • Fire suppression monitoring for oil quenching baths
  • Immersion heaters to preheat quenching liquid.

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