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The know-how acquired since 1967 allows Fives Celes to design, to realize and to repair inductors for numerous applications such as melting), forging, heat treatment, soldering (brazing), etc. …

Besides infinite possibilities of adapting perfectly the sizes and the forms of inductor to those of the parts  to be heated up Fives Celes has a panel of technologies of specific conductors (wires), guaranteeing an optimal efficiency of the induction process.

The conventional conductor, constituted by a copper tube, water-cooled, isolated or not, and associated or not with magnetic yokes (concentrators of field) allowing to realize:

  • Coil inductors
  • Tunnel inductors tunnels
  • Pancake inductors
  • Open inductors
  • Multi-zone inductors
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The composite multistrand conductor, so-called ' Hi-Flux ', developed for the steel-making  applications requiring strong power, allowing to generate magnetic fields of strong intensity, entering the manufacturing of:

  • CELES EcoTransFlux: Transverse Flux inductors for lines of production and heat treatment of carbon steels or stainless steels: annealing, ' galvannealing ', bright annealing .
  • CELES CELINE ' Flat Products ': reheating inductors for thick & flat products (hot rolling, continuous casting).
  • CELES CELINE ' Long Products ': reheating inductors for long products (hot rolling, continuous casting) and Heat treatment for tubes  & Rails (Quenching &Tempering).

The high-efficiency multistrand conductors, developed within the framework of R&D community programs, entering the manufacturing of: 

  • Litz thread wires Inductors, cooled by air : the strands are twisted and insulated from one another, so the when is evenly distributed through each of them, this reducing losses and eliminating the need for a water cooling circuit.
  • Litz thread wires Inductors, cooled by water, adapted to High frequency processes.

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