Air-cooled MOSFET transistor generator

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The design behind the Celes MS3 high-frequency generator uses placement of special components to cool the air, so only one internal ventilation in the equipment is used, making it easy to hook up and highly mobile.

From the electric grid to the heating process, the total efficiency of an induction heating system is largely determined by the inductor's performance levels. When the inductor is made of solid copper (tubes or bars), the high-frequency current only flows on the conductor's surface (skin effect), which greatly reduces the usable section of the current and this leads to energy losses in the inductor caused by extreme heating. These losses impact the system's total efficiency and removing them requires an expensive bulky water-cooled circuit. 

The Celes MS3 inductor contains an insulated multistrand conductor made of Litz wire. The strands are twisted and insulated from one another so the current is evenly distributed through each of them. This significantly reduces losses, controls the conductor's heat levels and eliminates the need for a water cooling circuit. Compared to a solid copper conductor system, this improves efficiency ratings and greatly reduces injected power, but offers the same heat production.

Equipment features

  • Single-phase 230 V/50 Hz standard 16 A mains socket
  • Installed with a PFC (power factor corrector),
  • Optimized grid power absorption, constant sinusoidal supply current
  • Integrated interference suppression filter 
  • No surges during startup or heating

A solution that combines a Celes MS3 source with Litz wire inductors and eliminates cooling requirements for sources and inductors – for unrivaled efficiency of 90% or better depending on your application.

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