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Induction: a technique used by even the most demanding industries

Induction is perfectly suited to meet the needs of increasingly intricate manufacturing processes that make components with cutting-edge technologies like vacuum melting, graphitization, and variable phase surface coating (gas, plasma, etc.).

Its startup speed, precision and repeatability also make induction a widely acclaimed technique in industries seeking productivity gains and higher energy recovery rates. It can be integrated into highly automated lines for both long and medium run production, including delicate or zero-defect processes like brazing, heat sealing, welding, blasting, heat treatment, etc.

An increasing number of industries today are using these manufacturing processes:

• Mechanical industries (aerospace, automotive, agricultural machinery, public works)

• Steel industry

• Electronic engineering (coils and electrical contacts)

• Renewable energies

• Agri-food

• Sciences and medical


With the largest range of generators on the market (2 kW-4 MW of unitary power, 100 Hz-2 MHz), Fives is putting its trade skills in power electronics and microelectronics to work for its customers and developing low- and high-frequency power sources specially designed for their specific needs, including in non-induction sectors.

A technology seamlessly aligned with the demands of medium and long run industrial production

Processes that are easy to automate, offer superior stability (repeatability) and high productivity

Accurate localized heating with no thermal inertia (rapid startup) means guaranteed high energy efficiency

Flawless control of process automation means excellent and completely safe working conditions

Fives has extensive experience developing custom power sources, particularly for nonlinear load power supplies like arcs and cold/hot arc plasma. These are unique because the impedance varies based on the power injected and requires a voltage supply of several kV. 

Backed by its expertise in rapid power switching and digital electronics, Fives has developed generators for applications like ozone production (cold plasma), vapor phase coatings, discharge and gliding arc tubes or direct current arc tubes (hot plasma), and plasma torches.

Fives has also specialized in installing high-frequency current conduction heating systems.

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