Inductors specially designed for strip heating

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Cogent power-FIVES

Fives has developed innovative technologies for strip heating and metal sheets line treatment that makes it easier to install the inductor in production systems and improves process characteristics.

Fives designed the inductors to achieve the highest performance and provide:

  • Higher productivity through transient management (format changes, etc.) for solid transverse uniformity
  • Excellent flexibility 
  • Low maintenance and a long lifecycle for the machinery
  • High power density and increased thermal efficiency
  • Compact heating equipment
  • A high-precision process

Fives developed inductors and IGBT and MOSFET generators for strip heating.

A wide range of power generators with IGBT and MOSFET transistors

IGBT generator frequency range: 0.5-50 kHz

MOSFET generator frequency range: 10-400 kHz

Superior operational flexibility by only using digitally-controlled MOSFET and IGBT transistors. Local or remote network control via MODBUS, PROFIBUS or ETHERNET connection depending on the type of automation.

Inductors specially designed for strip heating

Fives Celes inductors meet the EN 12198 standard and are designed with electromagnetic shielding.

Possible applications:

• Baking/drying coatings 

Temperatures: 90-300°C

For drying anti-fingerprint products, paints with or without solvents, silicon steel enamels

Solution designed for lines with speeds above 180 M/minute

• Galvanizing line heating (pre-zinc pot heating, heat-to-coat process)

Temperatures: 450-500°C

Heating in a reducing atmosphere

• Booster: Increasing furnace power

Temperatures: 20-600°C

In reducing or air atmosphere

Improved performance with compact machinery with a small footprint

• Weld bead annealing

Temperatures: 20-700°C

For steels with high elasticity limits and silicon steels

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