Transverse flux heating tests

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Fives has developed a demonstrator that can conduct industrial-scale experiments with CELES EcoTransFlux transverse flux heating technology.

The demonstrator gives industrial operators an opportunity to test out CELES EcoTransFlux™ performance in real-life conditions.

You can test the equipment's performance on your flat products in a fully controlled environment.

Depending on the width (900-1,550 mm) and thickness of the strip, it can reach temperatures of up to 850°C and heat at a speed of up to 100°C per second. The demonstrator can treat any type of nonmagnetic sheet metal. 

When the experiment is complete, it generates a detailed report on the testing conditions. Fives can also offer metal analysis on treated coils or rapid-cycle heat tests (200-400°C/sec.) on carbon steel samples.

The ideal solution for the steel industry: CELES EcoTransFlux

Gas or electrical resistance is typically used to heat steel strips during continuous annealing. These technologies heat slowly at about 70°C/second, have low thermal efficiency levels of around 50%, and produce NOX or CO2 emissions.

After years of research and development in conjunction with EDF and Usinor and with support from the Ademe and the French Ministry of Industry, Fives is now able to offer a high-density inductor that meets the special requirements of the steel industry:

⇒  Metal heating at temperatures above the Curie point (760°C) with over 3 MW of inductor-injected power in the steel strip

⇒  A quick-response heating system with low thermal inertia for extremely rapid temperature increases

⇒  Thermal efficiency above 75%

⇒  Patented electromagnetic devices and coils that provide temperature consistency of +/-10°C for any format.


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