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The advantages of induction heating make it the perfect technology for brazing metal assemblies.

The technology's precision enables extremely accurate localization of the heat effect needed to melt the filler metal, which greatly reduces oxidation and any changes to the part's structure or chemical composition. 

And due to induction's extreme flexibility and energy concentration, it allows for very quick production, which saves considerable time and offers outstanding stability (repeatability) for a process that is ideal for automation. This means induction brazing can boost productivity and save energy, especially for medium and long run manufacturing. 

The benefits of induction brazing make it the preferred solution for advanced industries like aerospace, automotive and the energy sector.

The power used ranges from 6 to 100 kW. The Fives MOS transistors high-frequency generator (MP range) is the perfect solution for these processes. Since air gaps are always very small (1.5-15 mm for most applications), a variety of inductors can be used (solenoid/external/internal/pancake/pin-shaped inductors, etc.).

Fives offers specialized induction brazing equipment:

• Carbide-insert brazing tables for cutting tools

• Short-circuit ring induction brazing tables 

• Custom-made inductors 

• Brazing guns

• Controlled-atmosphere brazing equipment

• Stationary and mobile silver-tip electrical contact brazing machines.

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