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In semi-solid thixoforming, a metal is heated until it reaches a semi-liquid state and then injected under high pressure. Casting metal in a semi-liquid state enhances its thixotropic properties and improves the quality of the parts.

Induction is the best heating method in this application because it provides: 

• Speed

• Repetitiveness 

• Consistent temperature (unit-based heating). 

Fives has developed, built and patented a system to transfer ingots to the injection chamber. The system is designed for all thixotropic alloys, specifically magnesium, which can be processed without implementing any special safety measures.


The key advantages are:

• Porosity-free casting (no whorls)

• Compatible with any injection machine

• Horizontal ingot transfer was no deformation or material loss

• Saves energy (only requires heating, no melting)

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