Mass heating: CELES CELINE

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CELES CELINE is a flexible industrial tool offering effective induction heating for a vast array of products with excellent energy efficiency

CELES CELINE uses inductor technology created by assembling low-loss composite conductors. The technology was developed based on Fives' experience in producing high-intensity magnetic fields generated by multilayer coiling where single-layer inductors cannot inject the required power levels.

  • It can inject surface power into the product of up to 4 to 6 MW/m2 – six times higher than conventional inductors.
  • With electric efficiency measured at 85% above the Curie point (compared to the usual 50-65%), it drastically cuts electricity costs.
  • A very compact footprint on the line: A 90 mm billet provides 1 injected MW per meter of inductor.
  • It generates virtually no magnetic field in the environment close to the inductor, whose emissions ratings are consistently below European standards.

Easier maintenance

CELES CELINE eliminates consumable refractory cements, thereby providing thermal and mechanical protection and making it the ideal inductor for the most demanding operating conditions. The only maintenance CELES CELINE requires is occasional visual checks.


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CELES CELINE meets heating requirements: 

  • For continuous casting
  • Before the breakdown mill
  • Before the finishing mill's housings
  • In the booster on conventional furnaces
  • In thermal profile correction machinery on rolling lines

This innovative technology is also designed to heat individual billets to hot feed extruders.


Long products: 

  • Billets
  • Bars
  • Tubes

Flat products:

  • Slabs
  • Thin slabs

High-flux induction for heating flat products

Hot-roll milling generates temperature gradients in the metal that affect the product's metallurgical properties and surface quality.

CELES CELINE technology controls the heat in thin slabs by offsetting temperature fluctuations and even correcting the product's thermal profile.


CELES CELINE is designed to heat a wide variety of materials: 

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Custom steel
  • Nonferrous metals (copper alloys, aluminum and silver)


  • Heating seamless tubes before sizing,
  • Heat treatment for tubes (quenching and tempering)
  • Heating billets or slabs on continuous casting lines before entering the finishing mill,
  • Offsetting heat losses between the heating furnace and the mill (slabs, billets)
  • In-line heat treatment for high-performance rails (high-speed, freight), 
  • Heating individual semi-precious metal billets before the extruder to manufacture brazing rods

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