Maintenance, repair & spare parts

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Fives induction experts monitor equipment during its entire lifecycle to keep it at peak performance throughout the operating phase.

Preventive maintenance

After equipment is delivered, Fives routinely monitors it to pre-empt any risks of breakdowns and production stops. Depending on customer needs and requirements, we can schedule regular telephone checkups or onsite visits.

Corrective maintenance

Customers can request quick onsite assistance from an induction expert to resolve problems or malfunctions and limit the impact on production. 

Depending on how serious the problem is, Fives can make repairs and test equipment onsite or in its shop. Repairs can be made to the entire power source, equipment sub-assemblies, electronic boards or inductors.

Replacement parts

Fives can also supply spare parts to fix any kind of breakdown, even for very old power sources and discontinued parts. 

Recovery of old machinery

Fives can take back your equipment at the end of its operational lifecycle, manage the scrapping process and cover recycling costs for hazardous components.

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