Induction heating


In practical terms, electromagnetic induction involves putting a part (usually made of electrical conductive material) inside a magnetic field, which is kept variable with an "inductor coil" (inductance), which itself is connected to a power source and a capacitor bank, and the assembly forms an oscillating circuit at a so-called "resonance" frequency.


The high-power densities of induction heating provide several benefits over other heating techniques. This makes induction the overwhelmingly preferred solution in an increasing number of industries, including in the most high-end and cutting-edge sectors. 

Solutions for all industries

Induction is perfectly suited to meet the needs of increasingly intricate manufacturing processes that make components with cutting-edge technologies like vacuum melting, graphitization, and variable phase surface coating (gas, plasma, etc.).


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High flux

High-flux is a Fives breakthrough in induction heating that offers incremental power and superior energy efficiency.

Power inverters

Fives' equipment is designed for round-the-clock operation in a number of applications.

Cooling systems

Fives offers cooling systems for induction equipment and other industrial installations. The cooling systems are referred to as groups and categorized by the cooling source: refrigeration, air heater or water recirculation.


The Fives induction experts are there to meet all your induction equipment needs for the lifetime of the system.


Mass heating: CELES CELINE

The CELINE technology: high-flux magnetic induction technology for mass production applications.