Fives' message on Coronavirus


Changes to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic have led Fives and its Subsidiaries to adopt measures to comply with recommendations from the World Health Organization and directives from governments and health authorities of the countries where we operate.

Fives entities have deployed business continuity plans to respond as efficiently as possible to all stakeholders, with a clear priority: the health of our employees, customers and partners to limit the spread of the virus.

The Group’s attendance at trade events is suspended for the next few months.

We are doing everything we can to continue to support our customers remotely. Your usual contacts are available for more information.

Induction heating


In practical terms, electromagnetic induction involves putting a part (usually made of electrical conductive material) inside a magnetic field, which is kept variable with an "inductor coil" (inductance), which itself is connected to a power source and a capacitor bank, and the assembly forms an oscillating circuit at a so-called "resonance" frequency.


The high-power densities of induction heating provide several benefits over other heating techniques. This makes induction the overwhelmingly preferred solution in an increasing number of industries, including in the most high-end and cutting-edge sectors. 

Solutions for all industries

Induction is perfectly suited to meet the needs of increasingly intricate manufacturing processes that make components with cutting-edge technologies like vacuum melting, graphitization, and variable phase surface coating (gas, plasma, etc.).

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High flux

High-flux is a Fives breakthrough in induction heating that offers incremental power and superior energy efficiency.

Power inverters

Fives' equipment is designed for round-the-clock operation in a number of applications.

Cooling systems

Fives offers cooling systems for induction equipment and other industrial installations. The cooling systems are referred to as groups and categorized by the cooling source: refrigeration, air heater or water recirculation.


The Fives induction experts are there to meet all your induction equipment needs for the lifetime of the system.


Mass heating: CELES CELINE

The CELINE technology: high-flux magnetic induction technology for mass production applications.