Innovative technologies for high flux heating

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High-flux is a Fives breakthrough in induction heating that offers incremental power and superior energy efficiency

High-flux induction heating solutions are the perfect answer to the steel industry's most demanding applications for anything from hot-roll mill trains to cold transformation lines.

Products with heavy tonnage require much higher power levels and densities than conventional induction heating solutions can generate. In addition, inductors on hot-roll or cold trains (water-scale) are constantly subjected to high temperatures and a hostile environment, and in some instances they must be designed to operate in a controlled atmosphere that is usually hydrogenated, primarily on metal strip treatment lines. 

Thanks in large part to the development of a conductor that can produce multilayer inductors, Fives high-flux inductors offer perfectly adequate power levels and densities which meet all the steel industry's most stringent demands.

Until now, induction was rarely used to heat nonmagnetic metals because of low energy transmission efficiency.  High-flux has made Fives the only equipment maker that can currently offer high-performance induction heating technology for magnetic or nonmagnetic alloys with excellent efficiency at any temperature level.

CELES CELINE and CELES EcoTransFlux combine all these technological advances, which offer high cost-cutting efficiency and encourage the development of new products for the steel industry.


CELES CELINE is based on manufacturing technology that uses low-loss composite conductors. Flexible and compact, it offers a capacity to reach surface power of up to 4 to 6 MW/m2 injected in the product with 85% electrical efficiency.

CELES EcoTransFlux

CELES EcoTransFlux is an original transverse flux heating solution developed by Fives Celes. It is an alternative to conventional steel strip heating processes that mainly rely on natural gas as an energy source.  CELES EcoTransFlux is paving the way for new thermal treatment processes, which are mainly intended to produce new grades of steel with increased mechanical properties, lower production costs and polluting emissions, and higher productivity and economic performance.

The project received funding from the European Commission's Life+ Program, which backs innovative ideas to reduce the environmental footprint. 

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