Quenching, tempering & annealing

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Quenching, Tempering and Annealing: cooling in heat treatment processes

Quenching is when a part that has been heated to a given metal transformation temperature is cooled quickly. Compared to slow cooling, rapid cooling modifies the metal's structure and thereby its hardness characteristics (surface or core) and elasticity. 

Tempering and annealing a part are heat treatments added to quenching that can relax some of the residual stresses from quenching and even produce a new metal transformation (total or partial recrystallization) to obtain the best compromise between metal characteristics.

Compared to other heating methods, using induction heating for quenching, tempering or annealing a part provides the following advantages:


  • Accurate adjustment for the speed of temperature increase 
  • Heat zone precision
  • Repeatable stable cycle

Fives metal heat treatment systems are designed to be integrated into automated units for maximum productivity.

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